About us

The CEEE is a newly founded international center with an outstanding reputation for research in econometrics and empirical economics. Employees of the CEEE conduct frontier research in areas including theoretical and applied microeconometrics, labor economics, duration analysis, treatment analysis, non- und semiparametric models, time series analysis, robust and nonparametric evaluation methods and mathematical statistics.

What makes the CEEE stand out is that we combine high-level research on theoretical econometrics with work on applied economic and econometric problems. This allows us to conduct causal analyses of policies, impact evaluation of political reforms, development policy analysis and analyses of financial data.

The CEEE combines the expertise of five full professors, five assistant professors several post-docs and PhD students. Researchers at the CEEE tend to have an outstanding publication record including publications in top 5 Economic journals.

The center engages in teaching advanced econometrics and statistics classes at Germany’s leading Graduate School of Economics and Social Sciences and in the thesis supervision and training of several PhD students.